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Firm Announcements

May 2017
Field Law Announces Voting Phase of Community Fund Program

Field Law, a western and northern regional law firm, is excited to announce the launch of the online voting phase of the fifth year of the Field Law Community Fund Program (the Program). The Program, which supports local pay-it-forward initiatives in the communities Field Law operates in, is now accepting public input to help determine how many of the almost 100 applicants will be awarded funds from the $75,000 available....

April 2017
Field Law Supports Pay-it-Forward Ideas of Local Organizations and Community Causes with $75,000

Field Law, a western and northern regional law firm, is excited to announce the launch of its 5th annual Field Law Community Fund Program (the Program). The Program supports local initiatives and causes within communities in Northern and Southern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. In 2017, the Program will donate $75,000 across all three regions....

Upcoming Presentations

May 31, 2017
Taking Off: Drone Law in Canada

Shohini Bagchee, Erika Carrasco, Marc Yu, Randal Carlson

June 7, 2017
Marijuana in the Workplace Workshop
Calgary and Edmonton

Jenna Kirk, Geoffrey Hope, Christin Elawny, Leanne Monsma

Resolution Associates Joins Field Law

Field Law is pleased to welcome Resolution Associates, a trusted and respected family mediation and arbitration practice based out of Calgary. Resolution Associates, founded by Judge Michael Porter (retired) in 1998, has been transitioning the business into Field Law’s current ADR group and over to Ian MacDonald, QC, C. Med., of Field Law. Judge Porter joins the Field Law team as a consultant to ensure a professional transition for current clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

At Field Law, we recognize that disputes can often be most effectively addressed by a process other than litigation. We offer a full range of alternatives to the traditional litigation process to allow our clients the best opportunity to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently without unnecessary cost. The processes used to assist our clients include the following:

  • Mediation - a flexible, confidential process in which a neutral party - the mediator - helps the parties work towards a resolution of their own choosing
  • Arbitration - a confidential process in which a neutral party - the arbitrator - hears evidence under oath and makes a binding decision on the issues in dispute
  • Judicial Dispute Resolution - a voluntary, confidential process in which a judge meets with the parties and their lawyers to assist them in resolving issues raised in a lawsuit, without the necessity of a formal trial
  • Interest-based Negotiation - a style of negotiation that looks behind the legal issues on the surface and focuses on each party's underlying needs or "interests"
  • Facilitation - a group decision-making process in which a facilitator encourages participation in discussion, helps balance discussion and keeps parties focused on the issue to be discussed or decided
  • Neutral Evaluation - a process in which a neutral individual with particular expertise or experience reviews information provided by the parties and gives an opinion on the issue presented