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Leah McDaniel

Bar Admissions
2014 - Alberta Bar

Practice Areas
Professional Regulatory
Labour and Employment

Leah McDaniel is an Edmonton-based lawyer focused on professional regulatory, civil litigation and labour and employment law. Regulatory colleges and associations look to Leah for practical advice on issues around continuing compliance, registration and discipline, and in defending lawsuits brought against them.

I have a strong intellectual curiosity that serves my clients well. It allows me to approach each issue analytically. It’s my job to ensure clients understand the current and future implications of any issue and to present a practical and thoughtful solution. My clients are business partners who deserve my full attention and commitment.

In her labour and employment practice, she helps a broad range of employees and employers deal with employment matters that include human rights issues, performance concerns, labour relations, corporate policy and contract disputes. In her civil litigation practice, Leah offers strategic counsel around a wide variety of civil disputes. She has appeared before the Alberta Court of Appeal, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, the Provincial Court of Alberta, and several administrative tribunals. She clerked for the Alberta Court of Appeal before joining Field Law.

Clients appreciate Leah’s "generalist" perspective as her experience in various practice areas allows her to see each issue from a comprehensive viewpoint and address emerging issues that her clients may not be aware of.

Previous experience in project management and corporate communications has taught Leah the importance of "understanding an audience and the need to have strong communications and advocacy skills." This has translated well for her as a lawyer when dealing with her clients, the courts and opposing counsel. "I’m able to know the value of putting myself into their shoes, understanding their perspectives and communicating our side effectively."

Outside of Work

When she’s not working, Leah enjoys family time and the outdoors - especially hiking and biking in Edmonton’s River Valley. Leah is also a dancer by background, doing ballet and competing as an Irish dancer.


Contact Leah

Office:   Edmonton  
Phone:   780 423 9594  
Fax:   780 428 9329