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Shohini Bagchee, P.Eng.
Patent Agent

Practice Areas
Intellectual Property and Technology
Emerging Technologies

Shohini Bagchee, P.Eng., M.Eng. (Chemical), is a patent agent with Field Law's IP & Technology law group.

As a registered Canadian and US patent agent, Shohini practices patent prosecution before the US, Canadian and PCT patent offices, as well as international patent procurement through a network of international associates. Her work includes the conducting of patentability, infringement and freedom to operate searches. Her areas of practice include petrochemicals, bio-fuels, food science, fine chemicals, nanotechnology, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, environmental, biotech, materials and metallurgy.

Shohini conducts IP portfolio management for her clients and develops IP prosecution strategies to further international IP protection and enforcement. As well, she consults companies on the development of company IP policies.

She also assists clients with industrial design procurement in Canada and the US.


Contact Shohini

Office:   Edmonton  
Phone:   780 643 8798  
Fax:   780 428 9329