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A. Danielle Bourgeois

Bar Admissions
2010 - Alberta Bar

Practice Areas

A. Danielle Bourgeois is a partner in Field Law’s Edmonton office with a diverse legal focus spanning different areas of corporate, commercial and insurance law. Danielle provides a variety of services to clients in the insurance, private and commercial banking sectors, among others, including litigation work as well as counsel on foreclosure and insurance files.

Danielle’s practice has seen her appear before all levels of court within Alberta, including the civil and criminal divisions of Provincial Court, the Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Alberta Court of Appeal.

Danielle’s diverse portfolio of client-facing legal experience covers an array of complex issues, including:

  • General Litigation
  • Contract Litigation
  • Home Construction
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Insurance Defence / Personal Injury / MVA’s / Occupiers’ Liability / Subrogation
  • Special Prosecutions
  • Foreclosure / Debt Collection / Judgment Recovery
  • Commercial Lease Disputes

"I take pride in my ability to quickly determine the personal principle behind a client’s issue, and to base my advice on this initial understanding of what brought them to me in the first place. This approach allows me to see beyond the strictly legal side of their issue and to deliver solutions that are practical, business oriented and provide the best value for a client’s money. For me, the best value I can provide to a client is a holistic, forward-thinking solution to their issue."

Danielle’s client work has seen her provide legal services throughout Alberta to clients that include large financial institutions, private lenders, insurance companies, public institutions - including government entities - and small-to-large-sized private businesses. Her approachable, relatable demeanor and her willingness to think outside of the box for practical efficient solutions when providing legal services to a client set her apart from competitors. Danielle’s clients appreciate her candor when discussing sensitive issues, and her proactive approach to identifying and assessing horizon issues specific to their business - helping them stay informed of industry-specific changes to legislation and case law.

Outside of Work

Danielle is an avid marathon runner, having completed four of the six major marathons around the world. Ultra-Marathon Running and Cross-Country Skiing - more of Danielle’s other outside-of-work interests - allows her athleticism to meet her love of the province’s spectacular mountain vistas. Danielle also coaches hockey at the University level.


Contact Danielle

Office:   Edmonton  
Phone:   780 423 7658  
Fax:   780 428 9329