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Christin Elawny

Bar Admissions
2008 - Alberta Bar
2007 - Manitoba Bar

Practice Areas
Labour and Employment
Workplace Human Rights

Christin Elawny is a labour and employment lawyer helping both non-unionized and unionized employers in Alberta and Manitoba with complex claims, planning and other employment-related needs.

Christin's clients seek her help with issues such as hiring and termination planning, defending claims and grievances and developing preventative policies and procedures for employment agreements that protect employers and support workplace human rights. She has appeared before the Provincial Court of Alberta, the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta, the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba.

Clients appreciate Christin’s practical focus on their business objectives and her ability to plan and mitigate risk from every perspective of the employer-employee relationship. Christin's clients regularly turn to her when they're facing difficult employment-related issues, such as:

  • Collective bargaining and agreements administration
  • Discipline and termination, wrongful dismissal claims and grievance arbitration
  • Workplace human rights and Provincial and Federal Human Rights Commission complaints
  • Employment and executive agreements and severance agreements
  • Employment standards and hiring practices
  • Discrimination, duty to accommodate employees and respectful workplace policies
  • General management of employees, in union and non-union settings
  • Planning and developing policies and procedures

Many of the issues employers face relate to human rights, and I work with clients on establishing policies and procedures around human resource issues such as validating sick leaves and long-term disability. In addition, the use of medical marijuana in the workplace and impending legalization of marijuana has created a lot of questions and issues for employers."

Christin helps employers plan for the future and believes that proper planning and development of policies and procedures will ensure compliance and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Outside of Work

Christin loves being a mom and enjoys fitness. She is an avid reader (some of her favourite books include Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and The Dark Tower series by Stephen King) and she is a literacy advocate who believes that developing the ability to read is one of the most important aspects of contributing to a positive society. She supports literacy in the community by working with CanLearn.


Contact Christin

Office:   Calgary  
Phone:   403 260 8583  
Fax:   403 264 7084