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Jack Williams

Bar Admissions
1990 - Northwest Territories Bar
1992 - Alberta Bar
1999 - Nunavut Bar

Practice Areas
Metis and First Nations
Labour and Employment
Corporate and Business Disputes
Corporate Finance and Securities

Jack Williams has a general law practice focusing on commercial law, corporate law, labour and employment, mines and minerals and general civil litigation, including an emphasis on Aboriginal law in Northwest Territories and the Nunavut jurisdictions. Jack has many years of experience - including land-claim management work before entering law school -helping independent business clients and commercial lenders in commercial fundings, joint ventures, incorporations, corporate reorganizations, mine and mineral remediation and the sale and purchase of business assets.

"There aren't many in the North with my skill set and track record with sophisticated legal and business issues. That means that I tend to have a lower learning curve on issues as they arise."

"I was born and raised in the Northwest Territories. So, I have a practical, first-hand understanding of the trials and tribulations of conducting business in the North." Some of the speciality areas on which Jack advises include aviation business issues as well as surface and sub-surface mining, mineral rights and reserves and remediation. Jack regularly provides strategic business advice to Aboriginal development corporations, Aboriginal land claimant groups and other closely-held, small business entities in both the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. A lot of Jack's attention is focused on helping Aboriginal businesses with governance, restructuring and refinancing and on making business assets more attractive to bidders and buyers. "I'm often asked to help present and evaluate business opportunities and to advance Aboriginal interests." His general litigation experience includes defence work on behalf of various levels of government and other corporate entities, comprising various insurers, professional organizations and corporations.

Outside of Work

"I live close to the water. So, naturally I am a boater in summer and snowmobile cabin dweller in winter. I enjoy being out on the land."


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