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Erika Carrasco

Bar Admissions
2007 - Alberta Bar

Practice Areas
Builders' and Specialized Liens
Emerging Technologies

  • In this case, Erika's client was a national insurance company that provided coverage to a large wholesale supplier of commercial plumbing and sewage piping. "The claim," according to Erika, "was based on the supply of a product to a construction site in Alberta that failed after install. Anyone who touched the product was named in the action - for example, the manufacturer, the vendor, the wholesale supplier, the general contractor and trades who were involved in the installation." Erika worked closely with the insurer, and the insured’s risk managers and, by arranging for early testing through independent experts, she established that the cause of the issue was not related to her client. Armed with that information, Erika brokered an agreement that removed her client from the claim and indemnified it from any further action from any of the other parties. "By taking this step, we were able to get the claim moving and resolved for our client, when the Plaintiff was being slow to respond and dragging out the litigation."
  • A leading landscaping and snow removal company and its insurer came to Erika for legal advice about their management and operations. "They wanted me to look at the company's standard contracts with owners and sub-trades and perform a risk management audit. I got to know the client's business firsthand and by drawing on support from other Field lawyers in our Business and Employment Practice Groups, we were able to provide the client with a complete review of all of their legal issues and provide them with comprehensive and customized solutions to address those risks.” The end result was a more streamlined business process and a more confident client. "They said that they felt I understood their needs and had their best interests in mind.”